Platform's synchronization with AuditsIQ (Smart Inspection) and IoTFI (IoT Networking)

Agri-Tech has been equipped with several options apart from Farmvesting and Agri-ERP that further improve the functioning of the software. Certain integrations are added to Agri-Tech for a smoother experience and add new features to it. It blends the previous technology with the up-and-coming advancements in the industry to produce something that is more efficient and effective.

Smart IoT Device Network

N-Sight Technology Corporation gives the option to combine IoTFI and AuditsQ with Agri-Tech. The introduction of IoTFI adds the opportunity to integrate sensors and gateway to the farming industry and make it better. The access of sensors will make it easier to detect the changes in the farming process and alert the vendors. The sensor network can be deployed to the user’s requirements and controlled through the portal provided. All the readings and changes from the sensors will be recorded and uploaded to the cloud which may be used in the future if needed. The data will also be presented through tables and figures in the analytics section of IoTFI. All the features of IoTFI can be accessed through the Agri-ERP from the integrations section which will direct the user to the IoTFI section.
Thanks to our solution, vendors may remotely keep an eye on their crops and reservoir levels. Users can check on their herd’s health, location, and general well-being. The sensors in a smart greenhouse can measure the surrounding environment to see if it is suitable for plant growth and provide useful information on factors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and light.
In addition, we can act on information as it becomes available in real-time. These sensors provide information to the irrigation system about the soil’s moisture, humidity, light, temperature, and other conditions crucial to crop growth.

Digital Auditing with AuditsIQ

Another product that can be incorporated into Agri-Tech is AuditsIQ. Using AuditsIQ, the inspection procedure may be transformed into an automated digital workflow with a specialized template. Auditing is a useful tool for vendors to monitor and control the activities happening on their farms. Users can assign inspectors to certain times and locations and specify due dates and locations for evaluations, all of which will be communicated via email. It is possible to use the same timetable in several different countries.
Human-activated checklists and conditional action-oriented questions are a part of the inspection. The questions are often of the multiple-choice variety, though sometimes additional conditions are added. When this occurs, the system will automatically schedule a follow-up that the user can provide to anybody they’d want, along with a deadline and priority. You can add visual evidence, such as a photograph or video, to a question to corroborate the veracity of the survey. Even the auditor can report on shifts, and everyone can inform on accidents. Reports of such situations will be sent to the system and routed to the appropriate department for handling. Both inspections and incidents can be given priority by the user.
There’s a section called Watches where you may keep tabs on all the updates and tasks your team’s leaders have assigned you. Designees and detailed descriptions of their allocated responsibilities will be provided. Employees will be able to respond to the published obligations with an acknowledgment or comment, and you’ll be able to keep track of all the records with an analytics feature that receives the data in real-time. All inspections, grades, highlighted items, follow-ups, incidents, sensors, and watches will be shown in the analytics. Flow charts and diagrams will illustrate the data to show how things have been going so far.

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